At the age of 26, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. My sleep apnea was not due to my weight or health conditions, but due to the fact that my tongue was too large for my mouth, which greatly reduced my airway, especially while sleeping. When diagnosed with this condition my first remedy was to use a CPAP machine. For over a year I strapped a hose to my face to allow air to force its way through my respiratory system. It was improving my overall sleep but I still felt it was not working for my condition. I still felt like my airway was reduced and I felt like there was a weight on my throat. I contacted my sleep specialist in St. Charles, Port Jefferson, NY and he suggested for me to visit Dr. Jan Miller to be fitted for an oral appliance (mouth piece). I was excited for an alternative prescription to my sleep apnea, especially because of the side effects of the CPAP machine; dry mouth and having to be plugged in. Being plugged into the wall did not help the fact that I often take long backpacking trips with no power. I met with Dr. Miller, and after several appointments I had my oral appliance. At first I resisted changing from my CPAP to the appliance because I grew used to being strapped into my CPAP. But then I committed to using the oral appliance, slowly expanding the mouthpiece to its max. The process of getting used to the mouthpiece took about a month. But now I cannot sleep without it. Wearing the oral appliance is like a weight being lifted off my throat. I am able to sleep in any position that I want with no issues. The CPAP, however, greatly reduced my sleeping positions. Now I sleep and I can breathe throughout the night with no side effects. Please be sure to adjust your jaw and follow the instructions that Dr. Miller provides, if not your jaw will hurt over time. I am finally dreaming on a regular bases; something that I never experienced. I feel like a new person after a year of using the mouthpiece! The best part about the oral appliance is that I do not need to plug it into a wall! I now enjoy waking up refreshed during my multi-night backing packing adventures.

Thank you Dr. Miller and your staff.

Don Sheehan III
Medford, NY

My name is Tom Cavanaugh, I'm 64 years old from Blue Point. I have been a chronic snorer for decades on end; I would stop breathing at night and my snoring was out of control. My wife Barbara for years has been telling me that something has to be done. I keep putting her off and off and off. My 3 daughters finally put their foot down and got involved. I was told Sleep Apnea could cause major strokes, and high blood pressure, if not treated properly—plus I had all the symptoms of sleep apnea. Waking up tired, dry mouth, tired during the day, drowsy by mid afternoon, dosing off, and just not feeling right. I took the first step and had a sleep apnea test done at a local clinic; it's a one-night sleepover and it's painless. This is where Dr. Jan Miller of Port Jefferson—one of the leading Sleep Apnea physicians in the tri-state area—came to the rescue. Two visits to Dr. Miller's office and it's been like a miracle, to put it mildly. I have an oral application (mouth piece) that I apply before going to bed, and just like that: no more snoring! I feel like a new person. The last 3 months I've woken up refreshed and ready to go go go! My wife cannot believe it; she says there is a place in Heaven for Dr. Miller. Plus, she is also getting a full nights rest for the first time in 35 years! I wish I had done this years ago. The message is that it's never too late. Dr. Miller comes highly recommended and could not be more of a professional and caring individual.

Thank You Dr. Miller!!!

Tom Cavanaugh
Blue Point, NY

My name is Mitch Losak and I feel compelled to write this review about Dr. Jan Miller. I have been a patient of Dr. Miller for over two years. He was highly recommended by my pulmonologist due to my frustration with my CPAP machine, which I could not tolerate.

Dr. Miller was extremely thorough and I immediately knew that I was going to receive superior care when we first sat for the consultation. Dr. Miller has that rare combination of warmth and true caring regarding me as a patient, as well as my needs as a sleep apnea sufferer.

He explained every aspect of wearing an oral appliance instead of the CPAP machine. He was very thorough in making sure that I understood the steps involved and was very patient in answering all my questions.

I have been wearing the oral appliance for over two years and the improvement of my sleep is a miracle. Dr. Miller continues to monitor my progress, and I am so very thankful for him as a doctor, as well as a friend!

Mitch Losak

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